Hanergy Holding Group Ltd

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd (Hanergy) is a multinational clean energy company as well as the world’s leading thin-film solar power company.

They are committed to changing the world by clean power. Established in 1994, the company’s headquarters are in Beijing and has a total of 15,000 employees. It has branches in provinces all over China as well as in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa and other regions.


Hanergy’s core business covers hydropower, wind power and thin-film solar power. At present, Hanergy’s total installed capacity of hydropower projects exceeds 6GW, and its total installed capacity of wind power projects is 131MW. Hanergy has become a world leader in Thin Film solar technology.

Hanergy engages in all aspects of the Thin Film value chain, covering; researching and development, high-end equipment manufacturing, thin Film solar module production and construction of Thin Film solar power plants.

It has invested in the construction of Thin Film solar research and development and manufacturing bases throughout China with a total production capacity of 3GW. In addition, Hanergy has entered into Thin Film solar power plant construction agreements across the globe totalling a capacity of about 10GW.

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd (Hanergy)

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