Project Exploitation Strategy

Project Exploitation


Project Exploitation strategy

With collaboratively developed Intellectual Property (IP), the project partners will seek to overcome the inherent challenges associated with bringing a new product to a highly regulated market. They will be able to use their established routes to market to further exploit the project outcome.

A range of meetings and workshops will be held to engage the most promising markets and manufacturers. This will help to determine operational characteristics and parameters in the early stages of the project. This will allow partners to gain operational knowledge and proceed to produce viable versions of the product. UON will be responsible for IP protection and dissemination.  Additional IP will be covered by the partners as required.


Organisations Involved

This project offers business opportunities and roles for industry and SMEs

University of Nottingham (UON)

University of Nottingham (UON) and Hubei University of Technology (HBUT) are the research institutes on this project. This project would raise their research profiles as well as encourage collaborative working between academic institutions and industry. The results of the project would help to identify new topics for future research.

Vale Windows Company Ltd (VWC)

Vale Windows Company Ltd (VWC) will manufacture the PV-VG systems. VWC has a proven track record of working on new window technologies with a particular emphasis on scale in close collaboration with academia and SMEs.

Geo Green Power Ltd (GGP)

Geo Green Power Ltd (GGP) is the PV and PV-VG supplier and installer. They will provide services for the PV materials as well as the installation of the PV-VG systems. Geo Green Power Ltd (GGP) is an innovative SME specialising in the design, installation and commissioning of solar/thermal and PV electricity generation systems. In turn, GGP can offer the consortium a consumer facing presence.

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd (Hanergy)

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd (Hanergy) develop low carbon buildings. This project would introduce a new package of an innovative low-cost renewable and novel window system for residential applications. Hanergy has become a world leading Thin Film solar power company. They have invested in the construction of Thin Film solar research and development and manufacturing bases throughout China with a total production capacity of 3GW.

Solar Ready Ltd (SRL)

Solar Ready Ltd (SRL) manufacture low carbon technology and smart energy management systems following novel PV-VG windows. Solar Ready Ltd (SRL) is an award winning British manufacturer leading the development of sustainable energy technology into the global market place.

External Companies

Additional external companies are likely to benefit from the project by manufacturing individual components used in the project, or by using the technologies that emerge from the project.

As a consequence of this project, millions of commercial and industrial businesses could make energy efficient improvements. Due to the product’s potential widespread use, it will be designed so that it could be manufactured in large volume.

This will be achieved through:

  • Suitable component choice (Design For Procurement),

  • Appropriate mechanical design for ease of installation/integration with other systems (Design for Manufacture)

  • Embedding of test features e.g. self-test options, test access points etc.

Project Partners